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Gadsden County Grants, Programs and Services (GPS)

Gadsden County: working together to provide meaningful opportunities for advancement to enrich the quality of life of our citizens through comprehensive community involvement and a shared commitment to create a future of limitless possibilities.  

Mission Statement:
Forge a collaborative effort of key stakeholders in Gadsden County - devoted to the improvement of critical socio-economic indicators and opportunities for county residents - to assess the effectiveness of all current grants, services and programs, identify remaining unmet needs, and collectively and aggressively pursue alternative lasting solutions.  

Stakeholder Objectives:
K-12 Students: Improve student success at all levels
Parents: Improve involvement with students and schools
Teachers: Develop and improve instructor cadre
Adults: Improve adult education and workforce opportunities


  • Determine which grants, services and programs are available in Gadsden County and understand the intended goal, objective or outcome.
  • Map current collective efforts and align with intended beneficiaries.
  • Recognize successful efforts and understand the reason for achievement. 
  • Identify any gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies or underserved constituencies.
  • Describe chronic problems/issues/concerns and indentify their indicators.
  • Align current efforts being applied to solve identified problems and evaluate their effectiveness.

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