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Greenforce Team #2

Greenforce Team #2

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 Greenforce Team #2 Work Summary

Greening the Career Clusters

We will be working on Action Item #2 – Greening the Career Clusters – defined in the Greenforce Florida Report.  The focus of Action Item #2 can be found on page 8-9, and is summarized here:

Given the broad interdisciplinary impact of the energy field, it is necessary to explore all career clusters to see how energy may affect existing occupations and which new jobs may emerge. From manufacturing industries where solar panels, heating systems, fuel cells, or biomass technologies are being produced to environmental fields, transportation industries, or health occupations, the infusion of sustainable solutions and alternative energies should become a priority in the new green economy.   The new priorities around the nation and our state regarding energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases, will affect the way many people work in most all business sectors.

Greenforce Florida will use the USDOE Workforce Education Career Clusters Pathways as a platform. Greenforce Florida will identify occupations that will be affected by the green economy. Pertinent learning outcomes will be added or updated to address the growing needs for new skills in these emerging industries. The infusion of green technologies and principles may be appropriate in most, if not all, of the Career Clusters.

Some of the clusters are outlined in the report itself as examples we can use as we move forward. 

 Greenforce Team #2 Membership

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 Sheryl AwtonomowCo-ChairBrevard
 Lance WallaceTeam
 Gary KrupaTeam
 Rick FrazierTeam
 Idelia PhillipsTeam MemberSCF (MCC)
 Patricia JonesTeam MemberPolk
 Andy RayTeam
 Tom SteffenTeam
 Deborah HopkinsTeam MemberBorward
 Everton JacksonTeam MemberPolk
 Mark HuntTeam
 Melissa StephanTeam MemberLake Tech
 Ann Marie CourtneyTeam MemberAparicio-Levy Tech
 Jody BryantTeam MemberWestside
 Antonio AdessiTeam
 Devona AvvampatoTeam
 Kim McDougalTeam
 Robert FrankTeam Member,
 Deb HallTeam Member,

 Greenforce Florida Report